• It was suggested that next year we change our school bookbags to a
  high-viz colour and maybe provide high-viz armbands to all pupils.
• We could also try having a regular day to encourage walking to school,
  for example, ‘Walk to School Wednesday’.
• We would like to re-launch the ‘Walking Buses’ to encourage pupils
  and parents to leave their cars at home.
• However, this is dependent on parent volunteers willing to undertake
  training and lead this initiative.
• We would like to recruit some parents or carers to act as ‘Road Safety
  Wardens’ outside school wearing specially designed high-viz jackets
  with school logos designed by the children.
• It was suggested that we publish a special newsletter with
  photographs of badly or dangerously parked cars (this was something
  our ex-head Mr. Fewster did at his previous school!)
• We would also encourage parents to report badly or dangerously
  parked cars to the school office.

Help us to keep the road outside school safe for our pupils! Please think carefully about where you park and put the safety of ALL our pupils first. Also, please do not turn into school whilst the traffic is stopped by the Crossing Patrol.

If you can spare us some time to lead a walking bus or become a Road Safety Marshall, please speak to Mrs. Campbell. Full training will be given.