• Tuition to support the school missed during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Group tuition to recommence early in the Autumn term – Maths & English to

    • address progress & attainment issues
      • Funding towards 1:1 ‘Relate’ counselling sessions
      • 2 trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants to support and guide pupils with emotional worries and concerns
      • SENDCo support across the school to ensure that all SEND pupils receive targeted

        • and effective interventions
          • 1:1 adult support during lunchtimes for those pupils to develop social, relationship and behavioural skills
          • Uniform Voucher given to PP pupils to support them with buying school uniform

            • PREDICTED IMPACT

              • Narrow the gaps in learning missed due to Covid
              • Increased confidence and emotional wellbeing for any children feeling anxious about the

                • Covid pandemic
                  • Progress and Attainment for disadvantaged pupils to improve
                  • Gaps in learning to be identified quicker with interventions immediately put in place
                  • Pupils to grow in confidence, resilience and independence in all school life
                  • Pupils to develop communication and language skills
                  • Attendance of disdvantaged pupils improves through a range of enrichment activities and support
                  • Those pupils who are financially struggling are supported through the uniform

                    • voucher scheme

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