These links to documents below can be used to help practise the Mental Maths focus you are currently working on.They will help you to learn the method.

Children will need to complete the questions in the quickest possible practise, practise, practise. Top to bottom of sheet, Bottom to top of sheet, side to side of sheet, random sequence on the sheet. It is also useful to generate some of your own that are not on the sheets.


Mad Maths has been created by primary teachers, to provide worksheets, games and other resources for parents and teachers of children across the primary age range. All of the resources are offered free of charge for educational use.

Mental Maths assessment is judged through the completion of these weekly test sheets alongside APP and Primary Framework documents for mathematics, about what a child working at a particular sub-level should be able to achieve. They are provided simply as an assessment aid and only form part of the overall Level your child is currently working at.

In red, is the order the mental maths sheets should be completed in. Please help your child to learn the mental maths skill they are currently working on (their target is to complete the sheet 10/10 or 20/20, at school, before moving on to the next sheet in the column).

This will replace the number bond sheets that we started last term (as Mad Maths includes number bonds anyway).

At Sketchley Hill we appreciate all the help and support given to the children at home and we hope you will work with us to enable your child to work through this scheme as quickly as possible. It will enable your child to progress through the Levels.