G&T Writing

Here at Sketchley Hill we ensure that our more able (Gifted & Talented) students have the learning opportunities to progress further with their particular specialism.

We identify these children early so that they can maximise their enormous potential.

OFSTED & DCSF definitions:
Gifted Ability or potential in one or more academic subjects; the top five to 10% of pupils per school as measured by actual or potential achievement in English, mathematics, science, history, geography, modern foreign languages, religious education, information and communication technology, or design and technology.
Talented Ability or potential in one or more skills, whether artistic, sporting, interpersonal or vocational; the top five to 10% of pupils per school as measured by actual or potential achievement in the subjects of art, music or physical education. However, one element of the description should be emphasised: it is the top five to 10% of pupils per school, regardless of the overall ability profile of pupils.
Gifted and talented Pupils with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities).

Schools should:
* focus on matching teaching to the individual needs of all pupils, including gifted and talented pupils
* elicit views from and listen more carefully to what pupils say about their learning, and act on the findings
* engage parents and carers more constructively by helping them to understand better the provision made for their gifted and talented children and how best they might support them
* use current funding to improve provision, especially through partnerships, collaborations and clusters of schools
* give lead teachers and coordinators sufficient status and responsibility to enable them to influence practice at a strategic level and explore fully the opportunities to improve provision
* ensure that processes for auditing and evaluating the impact of provision, including enriched curriculum activities, are sufficiently rigorous to inform planning and the improvement of teaching and learning.

G&T Artists Display

One of these displays has been planned and completed by our ‘talented’ artists at Sketchley (years- FS to Y6). They decided on the format of the display together as a group and they were guided by equally talented artists that we are lucky enough to employ here. The other has been produced by our 'talented' writers.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the work produced is exceptional and we are all very proud of our achievements.