Y1 Curriculum Notes

Curriculum Information

The curriculum is made up of the core subjects: Reading, Writing and Maths. There are also the foundation subjects: Science, Computing, RE, History, Geography, Art, Music, PE, Design Technology and PSHE. This builds on from the foundation stage of learning for the youngest children.

Teaching is planned thoroughly to cover all areas of the National Curriculum. The planning reflects a balance of oral, practical and written tasks providing scope for individual and collaborative work.

Children are taught with their individual needs in mind and this can be in class, in a small group or independently. Policy statements are available for reference from the school office.

Foundation Stage

Our aim is to provide high quality early education by developing key learning skills such as:

- Speaking
- Listening
- Concentration
- Persistence
- Co-operation with other children

We develop early literacy and numeracy skills that prepare the children for Key Stage One and the National Curriculum.

Our enthusiastic and caring early years team aim to give the children the opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education.

Assessment, Reporting and Recording

At Sketchley Hill Primary School children are assessed to ensure progression through their learning programme. The child's performance is regularly measured against clearly defined criteria and shared objectives.

Assessment is recorded using a variety of formats and is used to inform the next teaching well as to contribute to the end of year report.

Formal written reports are issued at the end of each year. Verbal reports are given more regularly.

Contact with school can be made at any time in order to discuss any concerns regarding a child's progress in school.

Transfer to High School

In the school year in which they are eleven the children normally transfer to High School. Our children usually transfer to Hastings High School, although parents are entitled to select the High School of their choice. Careful transfer arrangements exist so that each child makes as smooth a transition as possible. Relations between Hastings and Sketchley Hill are excellent. The children have several opportunities to meet staff and visit the school and help them become more familiar and at ease with their new environment.