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At the Beyond Bullying Award Ceremony

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During 2016-2017, Sketchley Hill worked to achieve the Beyond Bullying Award. The children learnt about how to treat and respect one another, feelings towards bullying and how to overcome any issues by being a good friend.
In July 2017, we were awarded the Anti-Bullying Award for all of our hard work! This will be valid for three years! In 2019, we will be striving to renew the award!

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The children will continue to learn about aspects of bullying and how to deal with any behaviour through the PSHCE Curriculum. This year's Anti-Bullying Week will take place between 16th to 20th November. The theme for this year will be 'UNITED AGAINST BULLYING'. Keep an eye out for all of the work children will be doing this year on this page. Click on the images below to see previous work the children have done.

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Our two school Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for 2019-2020 are:


Click on the image below to see the latest Anti-Bullying work created by our children linked to Anti-Bullying Week 2019